Friday, 18 January 2013

Fairy dust

The world is so full of wonders that even after fifty-seven years they can surprise and delight you most unexpectedly. The other night I got off my bus in Headingley into a slightly foggy and very cold night - so cold in fact that as I walked beneath the first street lamp, I saw that the air was full of glitter swirling gently about. This was freezing fog, not snow, the ice crystals were so tiny that I could not catch one on the sleeve of my coat and they were continuously aerialized. Imagine that they must have been flat though to give the size of glitter that they produced and there are of course snow flakes that take that form rather than the classic "snowflake" branching shape.
Despite these scientific speculations, the experience was one of wonder and delight and like so many things in life it was brief and transient - by the time I got home and called my friend out to look, it was no longer apparent.

From the sublime to the ridiculous...

Other sights that have entertained me on my way home include watching the bouncers outside the Leeds city centre bars teaching each other dance moves and the falling down drunken young people. Nothing wonderful there though one may speculate that it is only the alcohol content of their bloodstream that  keeps some young women alive in such skimpy clothes - they could die of exposure - indecent exposure at that!

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